Frite Alors!

22 Oct

Bonjour mes amis!

Every time I introduce a friend or family member to Montreal, the first stop is always Frite Alors! This place is a Belgian-Style bistro that offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and other lunch or dinner items, but the main attraction is Poutine. If you study abroad in Montreal but don’t try Poutine, you haven’t studied abroad in Montreal! This infamous dish is Frite Alors! home-made fries, drizzled with a special gravy, covered with melted cheese curds, and served with a sauce of your choice on the side. And that’s just the basics- you can also get a number of different kinds of Poutine which have everything from mushrooms and peppers to bits of bacon and steak!

Speaking of steak, the other specialty that I personally recommend (though not for vegetarians) from Frite Alors! is the horse steak. Yes, horse steak. It sounds weird at first, but you’ll never get it in the US because it’s mostly illegal there. Spoilers, it pretty much tastes like any steak you’ve had in the past, but a little greasier and (in my opinion) a little tastier. The best way to get it is to split one with a friend, that way it’s half the price and you can compare notes on the subject afterwards.

There’s a small Frite Alors! branch on St. Laurent street, down and across the street from the TD Bank, and there’s a larger one down on St. Denis. There are more around Montreal, but those are the two most convenient for we Champlain Students.

Here’s the website for further research.

Bon Appetit! — Emilie


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