Dublin Markets: Quick Reference List

28 Oct

The first step in cooking is buying groceries. Here’s where to go in Dublin.

Dublin Food Market in Temple Bar every Saturday from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Great place to go for fresh bread, local produce, cheeses, and more. There’s a Mediterranean stand called The Olive Co. with–you guessed it–a ton of olives. You can also find the best hummus in Dublin, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and stuffed grape leaves. There’s a butcher stand or two. There’s even a bunch of prepared-food stalls: need a burrito fix? Sabores de Mexico has ’em (and fajitas, and tacos, and empanadas, and salsas that you can take home). There’s Crepes in the City, The Sushi Hut, and a couple of to-die-for bakeries, as well. Be on the lookout for bread bowls full of sweet potato and coconut soup–it’s lovely.

Lidl. The closest one to the apartments is 120 Thomas Street. Cheapcheapcheap produce, but not always the freshest. I miss how inexpensive Lidl tomatoes were. It’s actually a German chain grocery store. Go figure.

Tesco: Dublin’s version of Costco. There’s a Tesco Express on Thomas Street just up the road from the apartments, but the closest full-sized Tescos are on the North Side (near Henry Street) on Jervis Street or the South Side (near the academic center) on Lower Baggot Street.

Dunnes is an Irish Supermarket, kind of a halfway point between Shaws and City Market. There’s a Dunnes on South Great George’s Street. Other than the farmer’s market in Temple Bar, this is your best bet for fresh produce. You can also find all the fun Irish food blurbs on products from this store. The back of a Dunnes spaghetti package, for example, says, “spaghetti is a great substitute for potatoes!”


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