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Lamb Stew

9 Dec

Not only is this a traditional Irish dish (and delicious), but it’s great for when the weather starts getting colder–and it’s not just for Ireland. This version is by Champlain student Marcia Ely.
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Mac and Cheese

6 Dec

We know it’s hard to live without mac and cheese; it’s the number one shipped item to abroad students. But really, guys, a $50 box of mac and cheese? Not worth it. Try this recipe from Champlain student Jaime Berry instead. It’s almost as easy, and so much cheaper.

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Baked Pears with Crumble Filling

2 Dec

Good for breakfast and brunch, but with a scoop of ice cream, could easily be dessert. Delicious. Also, super cheap and super easy.
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Roasted Vegetable-and-Rice Chicken Soup

2 Dec

Roasting the vegetables first deepens the flavor of the soup. They kinda caramelize. Which is awesome. And it’s pretty healthy, too. Makes about 6 servings.

Tip: Make for your roommates. Double the recipe for leftovers.
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