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Why We’re Here

21 Oct

“No meal plan? I can’t cook. I’m going to starve!”

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard students going abroad worry about how they’re going to feed themselves while they’re abroad. For you clueless cooks, we’re here to demystify cooking. Check out posts like How to Boil Water, The “Stuff” Shortlist, and some of our Cooking 101 recipes. You really can cook. Promise.

For you more experienced chefs, we’re always adding more recipes. In fact, we’re asking you to send in some of yours! Have a recipe you love and want to share? Email it in. Have a picture of a lovely meal you’ve made? Email it in. Have a video tutorial you’ve filmed? Definitely email it in!

We’re more than just recipes, though. Find a great restaurant? Tell us about it. Let us know what it’s called, where it is, and what’s good there. Send us some photos. Find a great deal at a grocery store? Fill us in. Love something at the Dublin Food Market in Temple Bar or the Marché Atwater in Montreal? Tell us about it. Send pictures (sensing a theme?).

We’re not the authors of this site, you are. We’re just moderating. We need you to give us some content! Email us at

Get cookin’!

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